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About Gianna


About Psychic Readings by Gianna

Psychic Readings by Gianna

It’s Time to Find Answers

Life can be full of surprises. Spiritual balance and growth help you weather unexpected events with confidence and peace, the very things that most people long for every day. For personal assistance on your own journey, you can trust Gianna for discerning guidance and spiritual alignment.

About Gianna

Gianna is a third generation psychic who specializes in healings of the spirit. All too often, your spirit experiences relational, spiritual and emotional harm. As an independent reader and spiritual helper, Gianna is eager to partner with you to find answers and learn how to defeat life’s problems. 
Gianna wants to help you overcome the stress, bad memories, and pressure that others place on you and that we sometimes place on ourselves. She is ready to help you live the life you are meant to live, so that you can fulfill your destiny with joy.

You're on the Right Path​

By visiting this website, you’ve already taken an important step toward healing. Please contact Gianna for more information about our rates, hours of operation and specific psychic services. 

Trustworthy Advice to Achieve Balance

There are many things in life that can damage your confidence and hinder your ability to think clearly. Gianna is here to help. From spiritual understanding to achieving success in your life, Gianna helps you discover your potential and break the cycles of bad luck that can seem to follow us. With psychic insight and highly experienced understanding, Gianna offers what you need.

Dozens of 5-Star Reviews

Many people trust Gianna, and over one hundred have written five-star reviews on Yellow Pages.

“Excellent … will definitely call back … so kind, informative, accurate, professional, with amazing insight! Awesome! Thanks Gianna.”

– Mirabelle L.

“Thanks, Gianna, for sharing you intuitive gifts! I truly appreciate your honesty and being an open vessel to allow spirit guides to speak through you with clarity! If you are seeking truth, I highly recommend you to contact her! Be blessed my friend!”

– Vilma W.

“Gianna is the best. Amazing insight and advice. She gave me chills with her amazing gift; thank you so much.”

– David S